Friday, June 12, 2009

Long Time No Blog

And I'm back. Where did I go, you ask? Nowhere! I just fell out of Blog World. I've been trying to get back into my routine of working full time and keeping house and having fun and in the midst I quit writing. I suck at balancing things. In general. I wish life could be as simple as making a list. Like: make breakfast, clean kitchen, go to work, cook dinner, vacuum, do laundry, call friend, answer email, write blog, sew something, do workout, go to bed. Start over. Then there's the general goal list like: Develop portfolio, display photos in gallery, lose weight, become a mom, survive a hike, travel, sell something I sewed, write an amazing song, publish a book. But it never seems to work out that way cause I lack focus. Life is to me what a candy store is to a fat kid. Or chocolate cake. Mmm. Wait! Did I just list goals? I don't do the goal thing... I've never done the goal thing, always dreaded setting goals, have always thought goals were lame. I just did the goal thing. Hmm... how unlike me!

So anyway, not a whole ton of a lot has happened since I wrote last. I think we had some bbq's with friends and went to Vashon Island. We went to JLo's wedding and to Alki. We started Weight Watchers and I got a new office chair (I like to think of it as a desk-couch). And I bough an espresso machine (for home, not the office). Oh I also hung shelves in my pantry and painted the ugly bookshelf in the office so that I can switch it out with the one that is currently in the pantry. Only the painted one is still in the office and the pantry one is still in the pantry. I also got rid of a bunch of towels so I could organize my linen closet only the baskets I bought to help with the organization are still empty. See... no focus. :) AND to top it all off I had intended about blogging all of these things and even took pictures so I could do so but here we are with no pictures to illustrate the mundane.

The espresso machine is the result of Geoff's new work schedule. His position at work was terminated (not horribly surprising because they did create the position for him so of course it has to be the first to go when money gets tight). They did however offer him another position in one of the client's houses. He now works from midnight to 8am. It's been an adjustment. We're lucky that we still have evenings together but neither of us are getting enough sleep. I'm hoping our bodies will get used to the new schedule soon. I hate feeling like a zombie all day. Makes me cranky! Which, and I can't fathom why, Geoff does not appreciate.

Weight Watchers is the result of my boss's ambition to lose weight. Don't get me wrong, I have ambition too (some days) but he started going to the meetings and asked me to go to one with him so I did cause it's no secret I need to drop a few (read: A LOT) of pounds. So I went and it was cheesy but seemed doable. Matt (boss man) bought me the books so I was left with no choice but to try again. I tried WW before online and it never worked for me cause (all together now) I didn't stay focused. SO. I'm doing it. And so is Geoff. I was shocked he volunteered to follow along with me. But extremely grateful! The first week I wasn't expecting much because I had a piece of cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory, burrito from Chipotle, and ice cream from Cold Stone and didn't really exercise. But I lost 3.4 pounds! And Geoff lost 4 I think. Last week I tried harder and ate less. I didn't reach my points any of the days (I'm allowed to eat 34 pts worth of food per day, and have an extra 35 per week), and I actually worked out. Like dripping sweat workout. So I was kinda excited and hopeful on Wednesday when I went to my weigh-in only to find out I had actually gained 0.8 pounds. I honestly wanted to cry. And the feeling didn't leave me the rest of the day. The ladies told me I didn't eat enough, you have to eat all of your points. But the thing is I've been full with fewer so I figured it'd be better to not stuff myself. But I guess not. And I've heard people say it before, if you don't get enough points you won't lose. So my goal (again) this week is to eat my points. Geoff bought me Wii Active and I really like it. It's a pretty intense workout and I burn almost 200 calories in 20 min. I just would like to see some results so that I can convince myself to keep doing it. I'm so easily discouraged. :(

So anyway. I think that's all for now. Off to lunch. Yes. I blogged at work. From my new desk-couch-chair. Maybe 1-5 will be more productive though it's not likely. ;)

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